Skyrocket your savings by listening to pickup artists

Skyrocket your savings by listening to pickup artists

I’m gonna be straight with you. There are no magic bullets to reliably bulding wealth (nope – lottery wins, inheritances and stellar stock-picks emphatically do not count). However, what if you could programme your brain to maximise your chances of success? Well the good news is you can.

The importance of getting the right mental blueprint is an idea which I first encountered as Inner Game. This is originally a tennis idea but was popularised to many boys of my age through Neil Strauss’s pick-up artist (PUA) bible, The Game. In that book, Strauss talks about all sorts of behaviours and gimmicks to pick up girls. I’ve long since decided that feather boas and negging were not for me. What’s stuck with me, though, is the idea that you have to work on your inner self – your self-identity and self-confidence – to achieve success with women. If you get the Inner Game right, all of that superficial stuff starts to matter a lot less.


The same principle applies to making the right moves in pursuit of Financial Independence. What self-confidence is to the aspiring pick-up artist, minimalism is to saving money. See, a typical consumer might see a nice pair of shoes one day and decide nope, they won’t buy them because they need to save the money. $50 saved. The cost? A gnawing sense of hollowness and deprivation. A minimalist? Well, they probably didn’t even give the shoes a second glance. They saved the $50 without even noticing. Even better, they do this on autopilot all day long, and it feels good, because they’re living in line with their values.

Minimalism isn’t your only option for this. You could self-programme for environmentalism. Stoicism. Survivalism. There are plenty of mindsets which could help bring your natural autopilot down to a far lower level of consumption. But whatever drives us, our mindset has to match our goals. If we can just get our Inner Game set right, saving stops feeling like a chore, and our paths to Financial Independence become 1000x more likely to succeed.


What’s your mindset?



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